Runes in the Ancient Siberia game are special items allowing you to use magic or enchant items of equipment. Runes are divided into 2 types, which are Magic Runes and Enchantment Runes.

Magic Runes. Edit

Magic runes belong to different schools or elements:

  • School of Fire
  • School of Water
  • School of Earth
  • School of Air
  • School of Light
  • School of Darkness

To use the rune of any school you need to have a certain level of skill allowing to use the runes of this school. Please notice that it is necessary to have a level of karma of 1000 for using the runes of the school of Light and of -1000 for using the runes of the school of Darkness.

Enchantment Runes. Edit

Any item of character's equipment can be enchanted using the enchanting runes. The item adopts an effect corresponding to the one that the enchantment rune possesses.