Essential features Edit

Strength Edit

Strength defines the maximal weight a character can lift and carry. It also adds bonuses to the damage. It is impossible to create some objects without having a certain power rate. Strength is vital for blacksmiths and miners, and also affects a numerous amount of combat skills.

Agility Edit

This feature defines the speed of attacks and adds bonuses to the protectional attributes of the character. Agility is required for fishing, horse riding and silent movement.

Intelligence Edit

This is a key feature for crafting the objects, the majority of which requires a certain level of intelligence.

Stamina Edit

This feature defines the bonuses adding to the endurance rate, and affects the speed of its renovation. This characteristic also defines the character's life endurance.

Character's rates Edit

Defense Edit

This characteristic affects the percent of damage caused by the enemy. The higher the rate of defense, the more damage will be blocked.

Armor Edit

This characteristic affects a chance to ignore a total damage in case of weapon's inadequate piercing performance. If the armor is pierced, the damage will decrease for a certain percentage according to the defense rate.

Thirst Edit

Certain characteristics, such as endurance, will decrease if the thirst rate is high. With a critical thirst rate a character will experience a damage of 30 HP every 60 seconds.

Thirst rate can be restored by drinking from the well.

Hunger Edit

Whith a high level of a hunger rate a character will be losing 30 HP every 60 seconds. Hunger rate can be restored by having some food.