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The control system in the Ansiber game is extremely simple and intuitive. All player's interactions with the game objects can be made with a help of an E key. It means that your character can operate the machines, communicate with NPCs, interact with doors and any other similar objects by pressing the single E key.

Other activities not related to the objects, such as fishing, digging out the hoards and so on, are controlled by using the specific tools and pressing the LMB while standing in the right area. For example, in order to start fishing you need to take a fishing rod, go to the pond, and press LMB.

Description of the basic mechanic.Edit

Crafting the items. Edit

In order to create any item in the game you need:

  • To get a recipe for the object you need.

Some recipes for simple items are available right after your character is created. The rest of the recipes you have to get by yourself. Some of them you can purchase from a merchant, and some are hidden in the ground throughout the game territory, so that you need to get a treasure map first and go and find the recipes.

  • To have all the ingredients and the tools you need to create the object.

Collect all the ingredients to create the desired object. You can find the list of required ingredients within the recipes available in the game or by going to the section "Craft Recipes".

Also you need to get the tools suitable for creating each type of the items. For example, to create leather armor you need to have a furrier's knife in your inventory and to get a blacksmith's hammer to create a steel sword. For more information, see Craft Recipes

  • To get a level of crafting skill no lower than the one specified in the recipe.

To create an item you need to achieve a certain level of the corresponding skill. If the skill level is lower than it is required, the item will be unavailable for crafting.

  • To approach a machine on which the desired object is created.

To start creating an item, you need to find a suitable machine * (link to the machine list) and press the E (default) key. When the crafting window is open, select the available object from the list and click the "create" button.


Craft Window Appearance

The items available for crafting are printed in white and are displayed at the top of the list. Items unavailable due to the lack of resources or the required tool, or low skill level, are printed in gray and are listed after the available items.

Resource extraction Edit

There are several ways to extract the resources in the game:

  • Mines

The player primarily can mine ore and some ingredients for creating the runes in mines.

In order to extract resources in the mine, you need a pickaxe. To extract some rare types of ore you need to possess pickaxes made with a help of more expensive resources. For example, you need a Meteorite pickaxe to mine Orichalcum ore and an Orichalcum pickaxe to mine Mithril ore, and so on.

  • Trees

Cutting the trees provides a player with timber needed to construct buildings and to create some items. You need an axe to cut the trees.

Also you need axes made of rare and expensive types of metal for the extraction of some rare species of wood. To extract the hirilorn, you need to get a Meteorite axe first, an Orichalcum axe for white wood, a Mithril axe for mallorn, etc.

Also you can get some ingredients for alchemy and crafting by cutting trees.

  • Shrubs

You can collect some ingredients from the shrubs to create certain potions and runes. In this case you will need to have a sickle in your inventory.

  • Ponds

If you have a fishing rod, you can get some fish and alchemical ingredients by going to the pond and starting fishing. Equip the fishing rod, go to the pond, and click the LMB.

  • Mobs

Animals and various monsters can provide you with useful resources as well. On killing them, you can skin them using a skinning knife.

Building system Edit

The building system of the Ancient Siberia game is very easy and convenient. By saving some money, you can rent a small area to build your house. You need a house for storing useful and valuable items, as well as growing plants and livestock.

After renting a territory and getting a certain amount of resources you start building your house. Almost all construction projects are placed on the foundation, so you should start building your premises with creating the foundation.

To start building you need to open the construction menu (K key) and select the foundation from the list. Choose the place on which your foundation will be located and start building by pressing the F key. You can place there any other parts of the house, such as a door, walls, etc.

Trading system.Edit